Friday, October 30, 2009

belgium 11 / ready to leave

After the three weeks residency in the in the printing studio of the Frans-Masereel-Centrum I collected and numbered my work - I am leaving perfectly happy. The bus comes late, but the train too; so everything is allright. Sarah and Paul that where here last week are leaving too.

A: Series about construction, trying to make prints there the layers more fit in each other as normally in silkscreen but not normal for my :-) I always like to make quiete loose compositions still "working" the picture out while printing. As a result I get pictures where I like the difference from one to the next, but there none is the same as well.

B: Illustrations for a text by Elias Canetti. It is about women selling bread on the market in Marocco, written in 1958. I made a leporello with the women on the street and single prints, which i actually like the best.


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