Monday, July 26, 2010

greetings from salzburg!

We went visiting a friend that is attending a painting course at the summer academy here - that seems to be quiete advisable.
Saw Salzburg laying to our feet from the surrounding hills ... Yes, million of tourists are right - Salzburg is beautifull! Just walk with them in the "Mirabell Gardens" - you might like garden architecture or not - it is quiete something.... I am used to tourists in Weimar, but here is almost nothing but tourist between the pretty houses, the floating river and lovely gardens.
Just try to avoid fortress, if you don´want to feel like in a cattle drive. You can surely have this experience much nicer at the mountain pastures of the surrounding mountains.
Sooo, we saw lot of art ... and also watched the very recommandable film the "Julie & Julia" about cooking, blogging and idols - which was extremely funny!


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