Tuesday, March 31, 2009


The FUMETTO Comicfestival started! Many great stuff to see till next sunday!
So ... no time to draw ... hope you enjoy the photos!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bologna ...

Non, c´est pas moi qui dorme ... je me prépare pour la foire de livre ... pour réveiller Milena, la personnage principal de mon nouveaux projet / livre d´enfants. Á bientot :--)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

impressions of the city by the lake

the bar "Zum Storchen" there my pictures are hanging. the lake and the ships ... and a nice surprise ... daniela from the fumetto team has one of my pictures on her desktop :--) (i accidently activated a pink filter in my camera)

Luzern! Fumetto! Satellite!

The last two days I spend in Lucerne in Switzerland. I was preparing my exhibition for the international comicfestival "Fumetto". My exhibiotion is in a bar right opposite from the festivalcenter Kornschütte at the Kornmarkt. The exhibition takes place from march 19th till april 5th. You can see three different series, drawings and silkscreen work. The main one is "Schöner Weinen" - "The art of crying". During the festival i will be there too, sitting at at the bar, tasting all the wines they have :--)

The festival itself takes place from march 28th till april 5th and features international artist like Blutch, Elvis Studio, David Shrigley, Mark Newgarden and Ever Meulen. It doesn´t concentrate on superheroes but artistic positions towards comic and experimental forms of telling stories. It is spread all over the city of Lucerne in Museums, the art school, galeries, cinemas etc.


Not the latest news but still remarkable enough to be posted now ...
My first publication with the italian publisher "Edizioni Corraini" came out end of 2008.
I had the chance to design one edition of "Un Sedicesimo" - a magazine of 16 pages.
You can see the whole magazine at their website and also order the edition "Un Sedicesimo"

drawings from the Illustrationmachine

I introduced ILLUMAT - the drawing machine allready in january with our calender. Now we had a new session in Leipzig at the bookfair. Here are some of my drawings, more of all of us will be posted on our blog ILLUMAT-Aktionen later.

drunken girls

girl with big but sweet butt that likes to throw stones at the ducks in the lake

vegan restaurant deli

matteo dreams of dancing salsa like a brasilian

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


The bookfair in Leipzig is starting tomorrow.
And you can find me there ...
in an exhibition of illustrators (Hall 5 / B 600)
and in action for the illustration machine ILLUMAT (Hall 3 / G 403)

See you! Maybe :--)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Working for the Exhibition

The opening ist allready at the 18th of march. There will be a mixture of brandnew respectively still dripping pictures and allready existing screenprints.

Fumetto Comicfestival

From 28th of march till 5th of april ther will be a really great Comicfestival in Lucerne, Switzerland - FUMETTO. This year I will have my own little exhibition. The opening will be 18th of march allready... I am looking very forward to go there :--)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


last snowflake landing on my desk. . ... in german we call them märzenbecher (märz/march)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

spring is starting . ... .. .


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