Friday, October 30, 2009

belgium 12 / goodbye.

belgium 11 / ready to leave

After the three weeks residency in the in the printing studio of the Frans-Masereel-Centrum I collected and numbered my work - I am leaving perfectly happy. The bus comes late, but the train too; so everything is allright. Sarah and Paul that where here last week are leaving too.

A: Series about construction, trying to make prints there the layers more fit in each other as normally in silkscreen but not normal for my :-) I always like to make quiete loose compositions still "working" the picture out while printing. As a result I get pictures where I like the difference from one to the next, but there none is the same as well.

B: Illustrations for a text by Elias Canetti. It is about women selling bread on the market in Marocco, written in 1958. I made a leporello with the women on the street and single prints, which i actually like the best.

belgium 10 / the letterpress

The before last day of my stay in the artist residency I got very atracted by the letterpress with the wooden letters. A treasure! For me it is not so much about the print itself, but forming sentences - catching something that got stuck in your head, putting the words together from the letter case and then trying to fix them for printing. Thats a good exercise and experiment that I would like to continue.

belgium 9 / gent

A colourfull weekend in Gent! Much more day- than nightlife this time ... and a good chance to meet friends from my exchange in Gent, Anton and Céline again.
The exhibition photos are from the flemish photographer Stephan Vanfleteren with portraits of "Bekende Vlamingen" in the Wintercircus Mahy.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

belgium 8 / something new is coming up

belgium 7 / raindrops keep falling on my head

and Catriona, Satoshi, Tim and Stefan left as well . . ... .

belgium 6 / birthday print

on friday the 23rd. instead of cake and candels, wich would have been to many anyway ...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

belgium 5 / leftovers

Amber and Katie left. This is a beautifull prearrangement from one of Amber's prints:

belgium 4 / new prints

Some smaller prints from the new series. The prints are combinations of diverse elements.
I really like to work with the transperency of the colours and i am still looking for a title for the series ...

belgium 3 / the workshop

This great view above actually belongs to the etching studio - the rest is silkscreen.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

belgium 2 / prints, cows, desk

last week i started with some smaller prints to experiment and get used to the workshop and i am going to print larger formats next week. today is sunday and workshops are closed *

Thursday, October 15, 2009

belgium 1 / a trip to the countryside

till end of october i am artist in residence in the frans-masereel-centrum in kasterlee. a village in flanders, belgium. i plan to do different silkscreen projects there. the weather is great but it is getting a bit frosty *


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