Wednesday, November 25, 2009

counting the days till christmas

One more calendar and the last one that I will present this year. This one is starting 1st of december allready. One page to tear of every day, each designed by different illustrators from Weimar in an edition of 150 pieces for our friends.

Cover / Ina Hattenhauer and Inside / Stefanie Jeschke, Anne Baier, Lydia Kessner, Olivia Vieweg, Ina Hattenhauer, Elke Will, Rosa Linke and last but not least Andreas Heintzel, Friedrich Althausen and Alexander von Knorre.

PS: A drawing from our former teacher Jutta Bauer, watching our calendar.

Monday, November 23, 2009

happy 2010! week by week.

Tschau-Tschüssi in Leipzig made this cute calendar, where I did drawings for the month april. More information and a possibility to order: click here.

All the Participants:
mawil (Januar) / Phillip Janta (Februar) / Alive (März) / Rosa Linke (April) / Ralph Niese (Mai) / Katja Schwalenberg (Juni) / marga.marina (Juli) / Klub7 (August) / Alinea (September) / Iska Kaek (Oktober) / Gregor Hinz (November) / Anke Weckmann (Dezember)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

happy 2010! day by day.

Our calendar from ILLUMAT the Illustrationmachine is out since a while allready - I just forgot to post it.
365 drawings for the whole year! Available via the publisher Inkognito in Berlin. Click here to see more!

over the hill, into the castle and back in history / 1

Yesterday I went to the museum "Schloss Tenneberg" with a collection of dolls in Waltershausen. That made me think about the connection of dolls and illustration. Much more as toys dolls are images of the "ideal child" in different times and societies and a view on the it´s world - and cultural history of childhood. You can see some examples in the pictures below....

over the hill, into the castle and back in history / 2

That depiction of childhood is one point - the other is the similarity between develloping a character for a children book. The face, the figure, the personality - and the animation, the moves of the body parts are alike.

I like the old dolls and their parts as well for their strange asthetic that influence my work as well. And I was surprised that I was really not amazed by my own childhoods dolls. The "ideal child" - what is it today and for tomorrow?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

on stage / the show

The "Kurztheaterspektakel" - short theatre festival took place in the "Kulturbahnhof - an old railwaystation in Jena and was a an inspiring event. The huge pictures infront of the people faces are the masks I made for the piece "Melancholie".

*Danke an Andreas für die Fotos.

Monday, November 2, 2009

home sweet home / on stage

thursday, friday and saturday there is a short theater festival in jena, close to my hometown weimar.
i did masks as a stage design for "melancholie ist kein ein-euro-job" by tommy neuwirth. if you are close - come!
here is the program:


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